ALL ORIGINAL 1958 Conn Constellation 38B Late Model in New Orleans, Louisiana

ALL ORIGINAL 1958 Conn Constellation 38B Late Model | Excellent Condition! This horn is a gem. ALL ORIGINAL, with 90% of its original lacquer still holding on. Considered to be a "Late Model" by the Conn Loyalist, with its serial number in the early 7XX,XXX, it's safe to say this horn does not look its age. It comes with the original Conn case, that has a beautiful navy velvet lining and wood-shell construction with a leatherette exterior. All the slides work and move freely including the 1st slide trigger and 2nd valve slide. Valves are in great condition and move with ease. All original corks except for the 3rd valve from what I can tell. It will come oiled, greased and ready to play. OWN A PIECE OF TRUMPET HISTORY!A professional symphony orchestra trumpet player describes his 1966 38B as follows:General pitch is really very good; high register doesn't go up, but strangely enough the F above high C (played without valves) is a tad flat, almost beyond the possibility of bending. There is almost no "click" between G and A above high C that most other trumpets have!Even triggering the low F is spot on pitch-wise. Just for fun I lowered the main slide to A pitch, and that works fine also..... (Has it been designed for that purpose?).Resistance is very low when playing mf or softer, giving the impression of being a large bore trumpet.Resistance gets gradually higher (but never too high) when playing louder. This IMO really helps the high register a lot. The high register is amazingly easy.Slurs/intervals seem to be closer together than with any other trumpet I have ever played. A strange but nice sensation.The valve action is smoooooth.Every detail of this trumpet has clearly been built to last for ever. I'm sure it'll easily survive another 41 years.What Conn said in 1958:Advanced acoustical design places this this horn at the peak of response, control, "projected voice" and performance. First valve trigger on this trumpet offers immediate personal compensation to any musician. Electro-D bell, Micro-Finish tone chamber, Cali-Bore, Crysteel valves. These exclusive features give playing ease, fine tuning, powerful trumpet tone. Highly polished nickel plate with brass trim is protected by exclusive Lustre-Conn finish. Length 21 3/8", bell size 5 1/8". Complete with accessories in Connstellation case.

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