MASTERS OF MYSTERY: A Collection of Interviews for sale in New Orleans, Louisiana


a collection of interviews by Dale Andrew White excerpted from "Encounters with Authors"
* "a.k.a. Evan Hunter, a.k.a. Ed McBain" - The prolific author discusses his work, writing the screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" and, as Ed McBain, the 87th Precinct mystery series...
* "Building a Better' Mousetrap'" - Agatha Christie's theatrical producer, Sir Peter Saunders, explains why the world's longest running play is "timeless"...
* "Mortimer of the Bailey" - John Mortimer, creator of "Rumpole of the Bailey," discusses his most popular character, the crusty barrister Horace Rumpole...
PLUS A BONUS SHORT STORY: "Double Occupancy" - Dale Andrew White's tale of macabre humor from his collection "Moe Howard Died For Our Sins"
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